Technical Services

​​Cable Route Identification

This is a process where the Corporation provides assistance in identifying the routes and location of its underground cable infrastructure to various stakeholders whose developments may interfere with and cause disruption to its services. This empowers the stakeholders to make informed decisions in their developments to avoid damage to BPC infrastructure and unnecessary delays in their project scope. This services are currently offered in the Major Centers such as Gaborone and Francistown mainly because of the underground nature of infrastructure. Attachments required are map layouts including new services to be provided, information on the contractor and client for the project and proof of payment of a fee of P110 paid to BPC.

Application for Standby Generator Connection and Commissioning

BPC standard procedure for installation of standby generators:

  1. First a license for operating an interconnected standby generator should be obtained for all generators greater than 25kW rating from Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resource, Department of Energy Affairs (Gaborone Main Mall). The license is not required for connections at Government departments and generators less than 25KW rating. Get the FORM here
  2. A BPC service is to be paid for at BPC Customer Services office (Gaborone Main Mall) P224 per site. Submit receipt with application.
  3. An application letter for generators interconnection and commissioning, addressed to BPC Distribution Protection, is to be submitted accompanied by a Standby Generator Connection Application form and a single line schematic diagram showing the generator, BPC metering point and electrical interconnection to the load for the existing and proposed setups (clearly showing contacts for interlocks).

Following these a shutdown date will be set for installation and commissioning. The activity is scheduled for Thursdays (other days negotiable). At commissioning the installation is inspected (wiring and component ratings), generator voltages tested on-load and the interconnection interlocks tested for back feeds.

​Pressure Testing & Fault Locating

Pressure testing services are done on newly installed and repaired high voltage cables, for purposes of ensuring that the cables are not faulty before connection to live circuits. While fault locating services are done for both high voltage and low voltage cables which are damaged, for ease of identification of the exact location of fault. An appropriate fee is chargeable according to current BPC phase rates before services are rendered. Attachments required: Letter of request, Schematic diagrams for circuit to be worked on.

Relocation of BPC infrastructure

Relocation of BPC infrastructure starting from 66kV up to 400kV is not possible or acceptable. Infrastructure relocation is only possible starting from 33kV down to 400V, where safety of the general public is found to be compromised. For such relocations to occur the customer who desires for relocation to be done has to:

  • Provide a provisional servitude/way leave from the land authority for use by BPC 
  • Cost of relocation to be paid and existing NESC requirements to be maintained after relocation.

For double allocation queries or disputes, the customer has to lodge a complaint/case with the Land Authority, the Land Authority will in turn engage BPC to determine an amicable solution to the case and the customer notified accordingly of the outcome.  The land authorities that BPC deals with on servitude/wayleave issues are:

  1. ​Ministry of Land and Housing (for access on State Land)
  2. Land boards (for access Tribal Land)
  3. Individuals/Companies (for access on Freehold Land)

Shutdown Requests General

Shutdowns can be requested by any BPC customer who has 11kV bulk supply or more, if they wish to have their circuits isolated for purposes of maintenance, supply upgrades etc. This guarantees safety for the client while working on their internal circuits. A fee of P224.00 is chargeable for services to be rendered. Attachments required include: customer schematic diagrams clearly marked to indicate circuits to be worked on, map layouts for area, proof of payment for service.

Shutdown Requests Contractors 

These request are meant to assist BPC Small works contractors with their shutdowns, as they install new infrastructure into the BPC network. The process will improve efficiency in handling of shutdowns per area and better coordination of all requests received. Attachments required are as per existing procedures. ​

Vegetation Management

This service is meant to assist customers who have trees in their properties that have grown into the BPC overhead line, such trees cause safety hazards once they touch conductors as they can allow for tracking of electricity to ground and also cause disruption of supply to a wider area as they short circuit the lines.

Customers should engage private vegetation management companies to assist with cutting down trees while BPC will be responsible for the safe isolations of supply to the area to avoid danger to any working party where it is neccessary. Attachments required include: map layout for area, proof of payment for service.