Social Responsibility
​​​​​BPC recognizes it’s corporate and social responsibility (CSR) to its customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and is committed to conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst fulfilling legal and moral obligations.
The business objectives will be achieved in a caring and responsible manner which recognizes the economic, social and environmental impacts of the business activities.
Accordingly, our business strategy includes integration and response to the social and developmental needs of communities. We strive to make a positive impact, alleviating hardships in some instances, as well as enabling economic growth.
We have traditionally supported education, health and young people. Orphans and vulnerable children are supported, improvement of the environment and facilities for children.

September 2016
Nata House.jpgIn the support for Corporate Social Responsibility, Botswana Power Corporation’ through its Nata Staff and the CSR Committee handed over a  2 bedroomed house to Ms Gasedirelwe Ntake at Manakanagorwee Ward on the 16th September 2016. The total value of the project is Seventy five Thousand Pula (BWP 75 000), which comprises water and electricity connectivity, fence, external toilet, furniture and grocery. This project which has been implemented in line with the country’s vision 2016 pillar of “a Just, Caring and Compassionate Nation” is amongst the many CSR projects that the Corporation has undertaken in line with supporting members of the community at various areas of the country. 

February 2017
The Corporation demonstrated yet another drive towards achieving its Corporate Social Responsibility mandate by donating 73 pairs of school shoes (36 girls and 37 boys) to Window of Hope Centre in Ghanzi on the 2nd February 2017.  The Corporation was issuing this donation in line with one of its corporate values of "Valued Citizen."Ghanzi CSS donation.jpg

The Window of Hope Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Ghanzi with a focus on serving orphans, vulnerable children, and youth through mentorship, after school programs, feeding programs and community outreach amongst other initiatives which are geared towards bringing hope, care guidance and support to the hopeless.

Botswana Power Corporation has been supporting the Centre since 2015.

October 2017

​​​​​Through its Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR), the Botswana Power Corporation has reacted promptly to the call by the Ngarange Primary School management, to help the school address its challenges. 

BPC sponsored the prize giving ceremony and provided prizes for all the best performers in academics and extra-curricular activities. Achievers received the prizes in a form of medals, trophies and educational hampers. ​

BPC refurbished the library, bought new finisher and also donated some books to make it a fully functional library.
Ngarange 4.jpg