Social Responsibility
​​​​​BPC recognizes it’s corporate and social responsibility (CSR) to its customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and is committed to conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst fulfilling legal and moral obligations.
The business objectives will be achieved in a caring and responsible manner which recognizes the economic, social and environmental impacts of the business activities.
Accordingly, our business strategy includes integration and response to the social and developmental needs of communities. We strive to make a positive impact, alleviating hardships in some instances, as well as enabling economic growth.
We have traditionally supported education, health and young people. Orphans and vulnerable children are supported, improvement of the environment and facilities for children.

BPC donates a house to the needy - September 2016

Nata House.jpgIn the support for Corporate Social Responsibility, Botswana Power Corporation’ through its Nata Staff and the CSR Committee handed over a  2 bedroomed house to Ms Gasedirelwe Ntake at Manakanagorwee Ward on the 16th September 2016. The total value of the project is Seventy five Thousand Pula (BWP 75 000), which comprises water and electricity connectivity, fence, external toilet, furniture and grocery. This project which has been implemented in line with the country’s vision 2016 pillar of “a Just, Caring and Compassionate Nation” is amongst the many CSR projects that the Corporation has undertaken in line with supporting members of the community at various areas of the country. 

BPC Donates shoes to window of Hope - February 2017
The Corporation demonstrated yet another drive towards achieving its Corporate Social Responsibility mandate by donating 73 pairs of school shoes (36 girls and 37 boys) to Window of Hope Centre in Ghanzi on the 2nd February 2017.  The Corporation was issuing this donation in line with one of its corporate values of "Valued Citizen."Ghanzi CSS donation.jpg

The Window of Hope Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Ghanzi with a focus on serving orphans, vulnerable children, and youth through mentorship, after school programs, feeding programs and community outreach amongst other initiatives which are geared towards bringing hope, care guidance and support to the hopeless.

Botswana Power Corporation has been supporting the Centre since 2015.

Adoption of Ngarange Primary School and price giving ceremony - October 2017

​​​​​Through its Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR), the Botswana Power Corporation has reacted promptly to the call by the Ngarange Primary School management, to help the school address its challenges. 

BPC sponsored the prize giving ceremony and provided prizes for all the best performers in academics and extra-curricular activities. Achievers received the prizes in a form of medals, trophies and educational hampers. ​

BPC refurbished the library, bought new finisher and also donated some books to make it a fully functional library.
Ngarange 4.jpg
Francistown office donates to city of Francistown - April 2018

BPC Francistown branch donated bags of clothes and shoes to the underprivileged members of the community of Phase IV (Chedu Choga) through the facilitation of the Social and Community Development Office at the City of Francistown’s Council. The clothes and shoes were a Collection from the “Love Your Clothes Twice” campaign which was driven by BPC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee that was running during the Calendar year 2017. The clothes will be donated to underprivileged members of the community so that they can give the clothes some love again.
BPC and FNB donates to schools - September 2018
Botswana Power Corporation will in partnership with First National Bank Foundation, provide 3000​ solar​ backpacks to be distributed to primary school students. The project will benefit students​​ in the rural villages of Kweneng, Kgalagadi North/ Hukuntsi, North East, North West, Central, Chobe and Southern region. BPC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Stefan Schwarzfischer together with FNB Botswana Chief Executive Officer Mr Steven Bogatsu recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the partnership towards this Corporate Social Investment initiative. The partnership intends to empower primary school children at remote areas with Solar backpacks to support their learning at home. The same solar packs will be used to carry school books while at the same time produce lighting to benefit during home studies. The two entities have a common strategy to empower youth across the country through their Social Investment mandate and this they have demonstrated individually in their previous projects across Botswana. It is through this common intention that BPC and FNB Foundation jointly ventured into a unique approach to educationally support the development and growth of primary school children.

​​Palapye old age wellness day - September 2018
Botswana Power Corporation through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm has in collaboration with the Botswana Retired Nurses Association (BORNA) of Palapye implemented an Elderly Wellness Day event on the 21st September 2018 at Palapye Main Kgotla. The event was themed “Botsogo go ya Goileng” which translates to good health forever. The purpose of this event was to provide wellness services to a selected group of elders from different wards in Palapye aged 65 years and above as a build up towards the country’s 52nd Independence Celebration. The wellness day activities included health screening where both BPC Morupule Clinic staff and the retired nurses conducted sugar level tests, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) and shared health messages with the elderly. Amongst other activities were aerobics, physiotherapy education, traditional games and a bus tour to Morupule Power Station. The bus tour become the highlight of joy for the elderly as they were very excited to visit the power station for the first time and learn about the power generation process while on site. ​

Elderly Wellness day in Topisi Village
During the year under review the Corporation in collaboration with the Retired Nurses Association Palapye branch held the second annual day for the elderly citizens at Topisi Village. Beneficiaries of this noble initiative were selected by the local Village Development Committee members with the assistance of the village Kgosi. The event which was meant for the 52nd National Independence Celebrations attracted around 100 village elders.  The main objective of the event is to give back to the community while promoting health and wellness amongst the elderly.

Khudumelapye and Medie Villages
About 30 km North West of Letlhakeng Village lies a village called Khudumelapye in the Kweneng District. BPC donated computers and chairs to be used in the village kgotla. Similarly, the Corporation donated a printer with consumables, laptop and desktop computers to Medie Village to be used  by the community at the kgotla and students and teachers at Medie Primary School. 
The Corporation also donated electric bulbs to the first 20 customers to pay for connection in Medie and Gumare Villages. This was an incentive towards customers as well as to encourage them to use energy saving bulbs. Medie was a newly electrified village while Gumare was a network extension project both under the 115 Villages, Rural Electrification Project.

Solar bags Donations
As a continuation of the 2018 solar bag packs project, during this year, BPC in partnership with FNBB Foundation donated one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen (1 918) bags to Primary School going students in rural and remote areas. Selection of villages/schools was done with the assistance of Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. The bags help with basic lighting for students to be able to study in the evening.

Community Service Days
In order to increase employee involvement in Corporations Corporate Social Responsibility, BPC proposed a “community service day” for each service center. This was geared towards projecting a more attractive image in the communities in which BPC serves. Each station was given a certain amount of money and it was up to them to decide what they felt their community would benefit from. Whether it was protecting the environment, or attempting to obliterate poverty. 

There are various projects that took place in the different service centers and some are still ongoing. 

Lerala work centre identified Mmabana Day care school with students whose age is ranging from 2 to 5 years and donated educational material and food hampers. This was done in order to promote learning and development amongst young children, to provide a platform for children to enjoy school. On the same day BPC staff painted the schools playground and provided lessons on the use of electricity and sensitized the children on precautions to take when handling electrical appliances. The Lerala work centre has committed to ensuring that they will donate educational material and food hampers annually as well as conduct continuous visits to identify any needs and fill gaps where necessary. 

The Molepolole work center purchased trash cans/dustbins to be put up at the major bus stops in Kweneng area (Letlhakeng). This was intended to promote cleanliness, reduce pollution in natural habitats and to conserve natural resources through recycling  The handing over of the dustbin is to take place and will be accompanied by litter picking campaign where volunteers from BPC, Letlhakeng Council and the community will take part. Communities will be educated on the dangers of living in a dirty environment and the benefits of keeping our environment clean


In collaboration with the Maru A Pula School Class of 1999 as part of the social community responsibility initiative, the Lobatse Main work centre  will donate toiletry hampers to the students of  Mariba Junior School and Mabule Junior School. These hampers will include sanitary pads, toothpaste, bath soap and deodorants. A total of 493 girls and 447 boys will benefit from these hampers and this will improve the overall wellbeing of students.


Hukuntsi service center has begun the process of constructing a Community Refuse Cage next to the bus rank, which will be used to collect litter before it is taken to the landfill. This initiative is in line with the BPC SHER policy, which states that BPC is committed to provide injury free environment to the public through the identification of safety hazards and strive for continual improvements to prevent environmental pollution. Upon completion there will be improved waste management in the area.


Hereford Primary School was chosen upon consulting Werda Village Development Committee together with the school committee in order to identify what BPC could land a hand in.  Currently Hereford Primary School is one of the few government schools with a reception class, however during graduation most students parents cannot afford to buy graduation gowns. Therefore the gowns that will be made will donated by BPC and become school property and will be used by the students whose parents cannot afford graduation gowns