​​The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) is responsible for electricity distribution in Botswana. Before introduction of the Standards Requirements for Distribution Systems (SRDS) document, corporation used to carry out all of the design and construction of its distribution systems. 

As the construction work increased in volume, BPC devised to appoint consultants to prepare the designs and to administer the contracts for the various projects. At the same time, BPC modified its historical approach to network design, with a view to rendering costs and improve operations. 

The changed procedures and designs created a need for new standards, which met requirements. Thus was born the SRDS document.

Main Components of SRDS

The new standard requirement for distribution systems are divided into four main sections;

  • Design parameters
  • Standard designs
  • Standard specifications for equipment and material
  • Standard specification for construction.
  • Application of SRDS

SRDS is a technical document and contains no conditions of contract or other contractual matters. The SRDS’s adoption was aimed at improving electricity distribution in Botswana.

Contact Person

The SRDS document can be obtained digitally and through hard copies form Mrs. T. Mokola, at Commercial Building, Macheng Way in the Planning and Technical Services. Telephone number 3603557, email address . 

The postal address is:

Motlakase House Macheng way
PO Box 48
Click here to download the​ SRDS document.