Fault Reporting

​​Faults reporting has been made easier with online services. BPC operates a 24hr contact centre, which handles all customer fault reports. When power supply goes off customers may follow the guide lines below to ensure that it is not an internal fault:

 Fault reporting guidelines  

  • When power goes off, make sure all electrical appliances are switched off.
  • Check the Main switch or Circuit Breaker in your Distribution Board and make sure it is ON. Confirm with neighbor's whether they are also affected or not.
  • If only part of your installation, e.g. Lights or socket outlets are not working check your distribution board.
  • Circuit breakers supplying the circuits may have tripped and should that be the case, ensure that all appliances connected to the circuit are switched off.
  • Attempt to reset the breaker, if it remains ON switch all appliances ON that were in use one at a time, observing the effect on the supply.
  • A faulty appliance will result in the supply tripping again. Remove the appliance and have it checked by a electrician . If the circuit trips out with all appliances switched off, call an electrician to attend the fault. take note that responsibility of internal faults lies with the customer.

Caution: Customers should not attempt to switch O​​N their supply, repair or modify nor permit a third party to work on the equipment under the jurisdiction of BPC.​​

Once the customer is satisfied that it is not an internal fault, click here​ to fill in the online fault report form and ensure all required fields/tabs are completed.​