Joint Venture With Botswana Power Corporation for Hybrid Network and Power Production in 20 Rural Areas.
Date: 23/06/2017                                                      Time: 10.00 am
Tender No. 2172/17  is hereby opened in public
Full title of Tender:  Establishment of  a Joint Venture With Botswana Power Corporation for Hybrid Network and Power Production in 20 Rural Areas.
List of Bidders
1.    Engie Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
2.    Diversified Global Eco-Energy
3.    Kontel Pty Ltd
4.    TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co. Ltd
5.    Kgwakgwe and Sons Construction (Pty) Ltd
6.    Black and Veatch/Synnove Energy JV
7.    Phanes Renewable Energy
8.    Ten Project and Creta Energie Special Srl
9.    CRIG and Lead EPC JV
10. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd
11. Sky Solar
12. Pele Green Energy (Pty) Ltd
13. Paramount Technology
14. Cronimet Mining Power Solutions GMBH
15. CPF Ventures and Seul Holding
16. Elite Energy Solutions and Lunimance Technology JV
17. Energy Capital Botswana (Pty) Ltd
18. Sidala – Conco Consortium
19. GLC New Energy Africa Limited
20. AGE Technologies and Crolex Holdings JV
21. Meeco Invest AG
22. Spectra Tech (Pty) Ltd
23. Marubeni
24. G4 Consulting Engineers and Wartsila Corporation JV
25. Ando Energy Consortium
26. Bio Therm Consortium
27. Aurora Group
28. So be it (Pty) Ltd
29. Electro Power Systems Group
30. Leogen Energy Pvt Ltd and Ikea Botswana JV
31. PV Tech Group
32. Bitte Group
33. Formentera Investments
34. Eagle Pride - Master Power Technologies Botswana
35. Energy Africa Conference – Amaranthius Holdings
36. Sun Corp Solar (Pty) Ltd
37. Joina Consultants (Pty) Ltd
38. Karoo Sustainable Energy
39. The Frensch Corporation
40. Rafiki Power
41. Sozala Energy Solar Power Consortium
42. Energy Systems Group and Impact Energy Solutions JV
43. Huawei Technlogies
44. AFI Corporate Advisors and Gcwabe Investments and Hydro Transmania
45. Mertel Consortium
46. Renewable Grid-Scale Energy Botswana and Caraba (Pty) Ltd
47. Mahooa’s Construction
48. Semco Maritime
49. Enel Green Power RSA (Pty) Ltd
50. Hop Sol Africa (Pty) Ltd
51. Ceylex Engineering Pvt Limited and Akuo Energy Solutions
52. Solar and Wind Systems SA (Pty) Ltd
53. Aecom Africa (Pty) Ltd
54. Genesis Energy
55. Co-Ash Resources (Pty) Ltd
56. Kgalagadi Resources Development Company and Unlimited Investment Botswana
57. Sun Brilliance Group
58. Consolidated Constractors Group SAL and Gransolar Group LS JV
59. Zoological Gardens (Pty) Ltd
60. S and S Water and Power Projects Pvt Ltd/Raajratna/Tavasya JV
61. Tswana Solar Power, Outsourced Engineering and Lead EPC
62. Jackson Engineers Limited and Enfinity Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd India
63. B and T Trust and Grapevine Investment Pty Ltd JV
64. Botswana Hatch Associates and Vivo Energy Botswana JV
65. Rabarich Botswana Pty Ltd and Region 20 Org JV
66. DLO and Shumba Energy
67. Advantis Renewable Energy Ventures
68. Impianti Dabitron
69. AEE Power Ventures SL
70. Solar Pack Corporacion Technologica SL
71. Cabling for Africa and Integrated Power System Inc
72. EOH Industrial Technologies
73. Mikel Investments Pty Ltd
74. Winch Energy Botswana and Eren Renewable Energy JV
75. Clean Fuel Solution and Enzen Global Solutions
76. Afro Pulse
77. GE Energy Connections
78. Winsavers Pty Ltd
79. Lidwala Renewable Energy and CSDR and Sesi
80. Elecnor SA
81. Desert Technologies
82. Standard Microgrid
83. Solar One/Idenergie/Windiga Energy
84. So Solar
85. Atlantic Renewable Energy Partners Pty Ltd
86. Impulse Energy Botswana
87. Enzani Technologies
88. Kalahari Solar Power Pty Ltd
89. Phelan Energy Group Ltd
90. Aggreko PLC
91. Australasia Solar Services
92. Stonebridge Trading 46 Pty Ltd
93. Mulilo Thermal
94. Changhong Research Labs Inc.
95. Korean Solar Power Consortium SA Ltd
96. Usizo Engineering, The Green LLC and Power Caves
97. Simcoe Renewable Energy Corp
98. Photon Energy Systems
99. Mitsui and Co. Ltd
100.        Mkhulu SAET Consortium
101.        METKA
102.        China Machinery Engineering Corporation
103.        Hexing Electrical Co Ltd
104.        Western Palace
105.        Xago Africa Limited
106.        Empowerment Woman in Energy Pty Ltd
107.        GLC System Integration Technology Co. Ltd
108.        CJIC and Sungrow Consortium
109.        Alfanar Energy and Enerpal International
110.        Pfisterer Group
111.        K S Energy