Morupule Conducts Department Housekeeping Competitions Awards
Awards Chemical Services.JPGMorupule Power Stations (A and B) conducted housekeeping award ceremonies on recently and the competitions were based on the 5’s model/principle. The main purpose of these competitions was to help improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining safety, cleanliness and good control over processes.
The 5 S’s are adopted from the Japanese culture which are:
SEITON        -         SYSTEMIZE
SEISO          -         SHINE (NEAT AND CLEAN)
The award ceremonies were graced by Power Station Managers (Mr. Willias Goppani and Mr. Mogomotsi Kebitseng), Project Manager MAPS (Mr. Alan Minnaar), Resident Engineer MAPS refurbishment Project (Mr. Mitchel), DHIC Project Manager (Mr. Kim Himcham) as well as Heads Of Departments of the two power stations. Drama Group and First Aid simulations formed part of the entertainment with key message being- poor housekeeping can lead to accidents resulting injuries and even fatalities.
The highlight from the speech provided by the Power Station Managers was that housekeeping is not only an environmental or safety issue but has an impact on production. This is because much time is lost searching for misplaced documents or even equipment. In some instances delay in maintenance work due to need for cleaning which would otherwise has been addressed by proper housekeeping.
“Cleanliness is next to godliness”
5’s Program Milestones for Morupule A and B Power Stations

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