Rakola Grid Extension Project
The Corporation has undertaken a project to construct two (2) parallel 220kV lines (80km each) from the existing Isang’s Ranch 400/220kV substation (near what is commonly referred as Mosaditshwene, along the A1 highway) to a new 220/132kV substation in Rakola lands (about 6km west of Gabane village). The project also consists of a 132kV line from Rakola to Gaphatshwa where a 132/33/11kV substation will be erected.

The progress to date is as indicated below.

2 x 220 kV lines from Isang to Rakola:  
This tender was awarded to Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited of India through a competitive open tender method, with a contract duration of 14 months. Construction works of these lines commenced in October 2015 with the completion of conductor stringing activity accomplished in March 2017. The line contractor is now waiting for the substation contractor to complete all the relevant substation works in order to finish the 5% of outstanding lines work.
Rakola 220/132kV substation:
This tender was awarded to Consolidated Power Projects of RSA through a competitive open tender method, with a 14 months contract duration. Construction works of this component commenced in September 2015 and is still in progress due to delays which include among others the following:
(i)             VISAs & permit processing problems for contractor’s foreign specialists,
(ii)           Heavy rains which were experienced in February 2017, etc.
Metsimotlhabe 132kV line and substation:
This package was awarded to Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited of India in February 2017 and currently detailed designs and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) are ongoing. Manufacturing of major equipment is also in progress. Construction will commence immediately after the ESIA has been approved.
Employment Creation and Community Social Responsibility
To date, the project has created employment for 250 citizens of varying skills (unskilled, Semi-Skilled and Skilled) either through direct employment or subcontracting. The employment duration also vary according to the nature of construction activity.
In addition the Contractors have been actively involved in a number of Community and Social Responsibility programs. For instance, Kalpataru Power Transmission limited have to date made donations as follows:
(i)             Clothes for Kgope village
(ii)           Stationery for Kopong village
(iii)         Chairs and tables for Gakutlo village kgotla
(iv)          Tree planting at Kgope and Kopong village
(v)           Distribution of condoms
(vi)          Stationery and toners for Gakutlo Primary School
This noble gesture has earned this contractor certificates of appreciation from Gabane, Gakutlo and Kgope Tribal Administration. They also received certificate of appreciation from as Department of Forestry and range Resources for Environmental Friendly Practice.
The first two components (Rakola substation and 2 x 220kV lines) of this project are expected to be completed in August 2017 while the planned completion date for the last component is April 2018. 
Once completed, the infrastructure will improve the reliability and security of electricity supply in the southern region of the country since currently the 2 x 220kV transmission lines from Isang’s Ranch substation to Segoditshane (in Gaborone) and Thamaga substations are constrained for capacity during peak.