Botswana Power Corporation contributes to improving education through its partnership with Ngarange Primary School
​Botswana Power Corporation sponsored the 2018 Ngarange Primary School Prize Giving Ceremony and donated tracksuits to all the learners in the North West District School such that they will be warm in the next winter. The total support in this financial year is P130, 000.00 which was spent on sponsoring the prize giving ceremony and the bulk of it in purchasing the school tracksuits. The relationship between Botswana Power Corporation and Ngarange Primary School has entered its second year out of the three agreed through the Adopt-a-School Program, and the legacy of this partnership is already visible and having an impact on the learners in the School.

“Our aim is to be amongst the top 10 Schools in our region when the PSLE results are announced at the end of the year as the impact of BPC’s support is now bearing positively on the learners”, said the School Head Ms. Kereng Molefe. Up to date Botswana Power Corporation has sponsored two prize giving ceremonies, refurbished a building into a library and stocked books for the library. The Corporation has also bought full School uniform for all the leaners in the first year of the partnership.Honourable Bagalatia Arone receives tracksuits from Mr Letumile Mosarwa of BPC.JPG

When officiating at the Prize Giving and tracksuits handover ceremony, BPC Official Mr. Letumile Sandy Mosarwa said the Corporation believes that relationships such as that of Ngarange School and BPC can have a positive impact on the learners. He further said that the responsibility for education cannot solely be of Government but also private entities, parastatals and other stakeholders need to have a role in improving education. Mr. Mosarwa implored organisations to partner with schools and look beyond their core mandate and consider other areas where they can impact positively beyond their everyday business.

Mr. Mosarwa also applauded and commended leaners who received prizes for working hard and also encourage those who missed out on the prizes to do more so that they can also have a shot at being awarded. He also thanked the Teachers as educators and drivers of the education programs for their efforts in ensuring that they produce good learners. “I will also relay the school’s intention as outlined by the Headmaster to BPC management that the school aims to be one of the leading schools in the region”, he concluded.

For his part Minister of Basic Education and Okavango area Member of Parliament Honourable Bagalatia Arone said that BPC efforts are complimentary to the Education Department’s goals of having schools that produce positive results such that learners are able to  be productive not only in their personal space but also in the global village. “I challenge Botswana Power Corporation to look at other aspects of support such as capacity building for the teachers in different expertise such that they are able to produce 21st century learners. The efforts to develop leaners should be corresponding to that of developing teachers” further said Honourable Arone.
A parent in a jubillant mmod as her daughter receives a prize.JPG