Bpc Takes Services To Selibe Phikwe Community
On Saturday 25th May 2019 Botswana Power Corporation took its services to the Selibe Phikwe Township by embarking on an informative mall activation exercise. Mall activations are an ideal way to generate brand awareness for customers, solicit feedback as well as to introduce new products and services. The Corporation through the Customer Service and Supply, Marketing and Communications, Safety, Health and Environment Departments joined in arms to engage with the Selibe Phikwe Community.

Those who interacted with the BPC Team in Selibe Phikwe over the weekend had an opportunity to understand intensively on how instant quotation initiative work. The BPC representatives highlighted to the community that it is important that they produce identification cards, proof of residence in terms of the land board certificate or the title deed of the households they wish to connect electricity to. Where the applicant is not the owner of the plot, it was emphasized that there should be a verified permission from the plot owner to allow the applicant to connect electricity. Flexible payment terms where customers who cannot afford to pay the full connection fee at once were shared with them indicating that they have options of paying in 6 months, 12 months and 18 months.

The Selibe Phikwe community welcomed the introduction of instant quotation initiative. They were also informed that through the Corporation’s commitment to improved service delivery efforts to reduce electricity connections are under way. The Corporation shared with the public that in efforts to improve service, most if not all rotten electrical poles have been replaced; this will definitely result in reduced power cuts. Customers were also encouraged to manage their trees well such that they do not interfere with power lines. Procedures of managing trees were shared with customers in detail.

The BPC Team could not run from the fact that at times the Corporation may take longer to restore faults due to the fact that some areas are far; but of course as the Corporation continues to review its processes the belief is that things will keep improving. The community was also encouraged to not engage in activities of vandalism.

More emphasis was also put on electrical safety as the Corporation advocates for zero harm in efforts to protect the environment and the people. The public was encouraged to report all power hazards to BPC and the relevant authorities.

It was the perfect opportunity to engage with the customers in a one-on-one communication and get immediate feedback and address any issues or concerns of the electricity consumers.