BPC Signs Transmission Standards

​​Botswana Power Corporation concluded yet another milestone this morning, 08 December 2017, which is development of transmission standards. It has always been a dream to have such standards and the main impediment was sourcing funds for the exercise. The budget was approved by BPC Board in 2016 and a tender was awarded to Auricon in August 2016. This project was delivered on time and on budget. Some of the benefits that will be derived from this milestone are but not limited to the following;

  • Easy of transfer of resources from one station to the other because standards are the same.
  • Expedition of designs of systems because there is a standard framework that all systems conform to.
  • Reduced costs incurred on maintenance of substandard costs.

The need to continually adapt standards to the changing times and work environment as well as training members of staff was emphasised so as to reap maximum benefits. The next item on the agenda will be to do distribution standards and continuity of supply will be guaranteed.