BPC has increased tarifs for 2018/19 financial year

To assist Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) to move towards an acceptable recovery level of efficient costs, Government has approved a combination of an adjustment to existing tariffs, and a subsidy cash injection to BPC. The latter has been done in order to reduce the burden of high tariff adjustments on both domestic and business electricity consumers.

Customers are, therefore, advised that Government has approved a 10% adjustment to electricity tariffs across all the customer categories effective 1st April 2018 as detailed below;

  1. A stepped two-block tariff structure for Domestic and Small Business category customers has been maintained to lessen the impact of the tariff adjustment on low-usage households and small scale businesses, as well as an incentive to use electricity efficiently.
  2. The tariff for Domestic customers consuming up to 200kWh (units of electricity) will be adjusted upward by 10%.
  3. A 10% electricity tariff increase for Domestic category customers consuming more than 200kwh per month.
  4.  A 10% electricity tariff increase for Small Scale Business category customers consuming 500kwh or less per month.
  5. A 10% electricity tariff increase  for Small scale Business category customers consuming  more than 500kwh per month.
  6. A 10% electricity tariff increase for Medium and Large Scale Business, Water Pumping, Mining and Government customer categories.‚Äč