Vision and Mission



WE POWER THE ECONOMY WITH PRIDE By supplying reliable, safe, competitive, and sustainable electricity. It defines our fundamental reason for existence and our overall intention in the next five (5) years.


A REGIONAL BENCHMARK IN ELECTRICITY SUPPLY. In realisation of the strategy, BPC will be a yardstick of being an employer of choice, a self-sufficient utility that supplies competitive and reliable power from diversified energy sources including renewable energy sources and with excess power to export. 


They represent the attitudes, behaviors, and characters that will create an enabling environment for the successful execution of our strategy. 

Team Player:  Working as a team and everyone sharing information.

Ethical Conduct: Integrity,  Transparency And Fairness - Zero tolerance for stealing, accepting bribes and corruption.

Passion for Excellence: Operational Excellence, Results, Quality, Always Improving - Engaging in small group activities and Quality Circles, Innovation – Experimenting, challenging the status quo.

People First:  Valuing Employees, Customers & the Communities we serve.

Zero Harm: SHE: No person will be harmed by our operations; No equipment will be damaged; we will not degrade the environment. We will report unsafe acts and near misses.​