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Load Shedding


Botswana Power Corporation is experiencing power supply challenges and pleading with the nation to reduce the usage of power to avoid load shedding. 
In this regard, customers are requested to use electricity sparingly by:
·        Switching OFF geysers during peak hours (6-10pm and 6-10am)
·        Switching OFF air conditioners
·        Switching OFF swimming pool pumps
·        Switching OFF lights that are NOT absolutely Necessary
·        Applying the golden rule “If not in use, switch it OFF” 
Postpone energy intensive activities to be done outside peak hours, this includes but not limited to:-
·        Ironing
·        Cooking on electric stoves
·        Washing using washing machines etc.
To ensure your safety, it is recommended that you treat all electrical circuits and appliances as “Live” at all times.

Should load-shedding become necessary, the Corporation will endeavour to adhere to the load-shedding schedule in accordance with the following principles:

    • Geographic areas designated on a particular day will be the first areas in their stage sequence to be load-shed;
    • If the required load to be shed exceeds 50MW at any one time, additional load shedding outside the programme (additional  areas) will be carried out to balance supply and demand.
    • If, on a particular day of the week, not all load-shedding becomes necessary on a subsequent occasion (same day of the week ), then the subsequent load-shedding  shall begin with those customers who were not affected on the previous occasion even though they may not be in the first stages.
    • When customers have been switched off in a stage, and no further load curtailment is required, then load curtailment shall be rotated within customers on that day, in an endeavour to ensure that no customers are off for more than four hours.
    • The load-shedding programme is subject to review, depending on the prevailing supply and demand situation.
    • Clarifications regarding the schedule or related activities may be obtained by calling various Customer Service Centres.

Download the Latest Load Shedding ScheduleBPC_Loadshedding_2015.pdfBPC_Loadshedding_2015.pdf



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